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Client Comments 

Recommended realtors, Cathy Rapp and Susie Popalisky, Milwaukee area

We value customer feedback and suggestions and are always striving to give the best customer service possible. If you have questions or would like to see property for sale in any of Milwaukee's North Shore Communities or surrounding area, call Susie Popalisky 414-254-1732 or Cathy Rapp 414-690-0114 or email us.

We cannot say enough about Susie and Cathy as a team.  They are extremely hardworking, knowledgeable and complement each other so well.  We would recommend them to anyone

Susie and Cathy walked us through every step of the process of purchase and sale and were available daily to answer questions and give advice and support. 

Our real estate transactions were both complicated and difficult.  Our new home and sale of previous home would not be a reality had Susie and Cathy not been working for us.  They are hardworking, dedicated and available.  We can’t thank them enough.

I had three offers the first day on the market!!  I attribute this largely to the upfront work of Susie and Cathy to make the house appeal to prospective buyers.  They were very clear about they needed to be repaired and painted before the showing.  I followed their advice to the letter.  What impressed me most was how they staged the house.  They moved furniture to different rooms, rearranged paintings, and asked that I put a few things in the attic.  The house looked better than it ever had.

Susie and Cathy are a great team, a pleasure to work with, and they get results. 

Susie and Cathy are expert realtors with extensive networks in the area, savvy marketing skills and a keen sense of the current market and trends in the housing market.  They are creative thinkers who are deeply responsive to the needs of their clients.

We can attribute the successful sale of our home to

Susie and Cathy’s careful attention to the preparation of our home for sale,

Susie and Cathy’s creative and effective marketing

Susie and Cathy knowledge of market prices and of their potential clients

Susie and Cathy’s honesty and sterling reputation among other realtors